Issues: Immigration

America has always been a beacon of hope for people around the world, in part, because ours was nation that understood the importance of the rule of law in preserving our most cherished freedoms. By refusing to control our border, and worse, suggesting the need for amnesty, politicians in Washington are undermining the very tenets that have made us a destination for so long. In order to preserve the freedoms and opportunities that beckons so many, we must maintain and enforce our laws.

Illegal immigration is placing a high cost on state and local budgets, and creating open routes for terrorists and others who wish our nation harm.

As your Senator, I have fought to hold federal immigration agencies accountable, to better control our borders, and opposed all amnesty proposals. I have also fought the obscene efforts of environmental agencies that are blocking our border patrol agents from patrolling large tracts of land along our border.

E pluribus Unim. From many one. Maintaining a common and unifying language is essential and has lent to our ability to grow and prosper as many immigrants from all parts of the world join our country and its diverse culture. I support all efforts to recognize and preserve English as the language of our country.

America has always been a welcoming nation and should remain so. We have benefited greatly from the many immigrants who have embraced our history, Constitution and language. We must ensure that our immigration laws respect those who seek to come here legally, while sending a strong message that we will not tolerate a further undermining of the rule of law.
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