Dr. Coburn on Senate Floor

excerpts from Senate Floor Oct 08, 2009

Full Transcript can be read and watched here.

"Sixty-one percent of all health care today comes through the government. Every government program is over budget, associated with fraud, and ineffective in its implementation on a cost basis. That doesn't mean we want to get rid of them. It means we want to make them better...

"What is the problem with health care in America today? The problem is cost. It is too expensive. It is about 40 percent more expensive here than anywhere else in the world. Why is that?...

"Do you think we have the history that says government-run health care is efficient and effective and, therefore, we ought to do more of it or should we say: We know what works in the rest of the industries and markets in this country. Maybe we ought to allow markets to truly compete--which nobody wants to do--to force the insurance industry into a competitive structure where you can actually see what you are getting and you can see what you are paying."

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