Newsletter June 24, 2010

The American People Get It

Dear Supporter,

A recent poll indicated that the national debt is tied with terrorism as the greatest perceived threat to our future well-being. In the Gallup poll to survey the concerns of Americans, 79 percent of Americans now rank the national debt as an extremely serious or serious concern. Twice as many Americans rate government debt as an extremely serious concern as those concerned with the environment and global warming.

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It should not be surprising to see terrorism listed as a major concern for most Americans, as it has been for the past nine years. The threat posed by our enemies is immediate and it must be met with absolute American strength. The fact that concerns over mounting government debt now match concerns regarding terrorism is telling, and frankly, gives me some hope that we can end the spending addiction in Washington before it is too late.

This poll confirms something that you and I already know. When given the facts about the mismanagement of our federal government, our neighbors, friends and family instantly recognize the threat and understand that reckless spending is not just innocent child’s play by our political leaders. It is malpractice that threatens each and every one of us.

This week, Senators Thune, DeMint and I continue to challenge a plan by Senate leaders to pass an “extenders” bill that will add billions more to our deficit. I have offered 20 specific amendments that will ensure that not a single dime is added to our $1.6 trillion budget deficit for 2010.

Frankly, it is unlikely the Senate will accept my cost cutting and government efficiency amendments. True change, the kind that will interrupt our current path to insolvency, will come when the voice of the American people—fully armed with the facts—is heard in Washington. If you would like to see how senators vote on cost cutting amendments as they are debated, you can track them here.

The Gallup poll is proof that we are making a difference that will soon be heard in Washington. The majority of Americans now know the threat posed by reckless spending. Now, it is our job to make sure that our friends and neighbors get to the polls on Election Day.

Thank you for your efforts to inform your friends and neighbors, and as always, keep fighting!

Dr. Tom

P.S. If you’re interested in volunteering for the 2010 election, click here. Your efforts will make a difference on Election Day.

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