Newsletter July 1, 2010

Video Message from Dr. Coburn

Dear Supporter,

This is a special video message from Dr. Coburn outlining the impact of Washington’s spending addiction and our $13.2 trillion national debt:

In The News

Dr. Coburn Presses Supreme Court Nominee Kagan on the Limits of Federal Authority

Dr. Coburn Pushes Earmark Transparency Bill

“You sit here today, and say the American people shouldn’t know about earmarks that are requested… with all deference, this is something the American people won’t stand for us not to do,” Coburn said. “This is something that isn’t going to go away. The sooner we get this taken care of, the sooner the confidence in this body is going to rise.” Read more ...

Coburn for Senate 2010 Launches New Twitter Site
Earlier this week, Coburn for Senate 2010 launched a new Twitter site for campaign supporters to receive the latest news and updates on Dr. Coburn’s campaign and his legislative battles in Washington. Receive the latest updates by signing up at:

The Federal government pays over $300 million annually in quality of care bonuses to nursing homes whose quality of care is below average and who have previous health and safety violations.
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