Newsletter July 27, 2010

It is Election Day

Dear Supporter,

It is Primary Election day in Oklahoma. All across our state, our families, friends and neighbors are heading to the polls. So much is at stake for our nation, and right here in Oklahoma.

Our Founders gave us a remarkable heritage. Though it was revolutionary in their day, they recognized that power did not originate in any government, and that true sovereignty rested with the people. Throughout our history, the wisdom of the people and our Constitution has ensured that we never lost sight of this principle. That heritage is very much at risk today as our elected officials have borrowed trillions of dollars to grow our government. As countless politicians pay homage to the “power of the people” during election season, slowly many of them are ensuring that our destiny will rest in the hands of those to whom we owe trillions of dollars.

Today, and hopefully again in November, Oklahomans have an opportunity to say that we have had enough. We say “no” to mortgaging our children’s future because politicians are unwilling to make the hard choices today. We also have a rare opportunity to re-embrace the principles outlined in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution that have made this nation the most free and innovative in history.

I would be honored to receive your support today, and ask you to remind those closest to you that today is the day they can make a difference in dozens of races across our state.

Thank you again for your continued support.


Tom A. Coburn, MD

In The News

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Dr. Coburn Urges Senate to Pay For Unemployment Benefits Extension

Last week, Dr. Coburn took to the Senate floor to urge his colleagues not to add costs of the unemployment extension to the national debt by reducing lower priority spending elsewhere. Click here to learn more about how Senate leaders pit Americans against each other to hide their reckless spending habits.
In the most recent Republican Senate Primary, only 138,247 out of 790,713 registered voters participated.
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